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Private Lessons for Adults and Children

Art Classes at Gallery 27

Here at Gallery 27 we pride ourselves on offering personalized and affordable art classes for all ages. Class sizes are small to ensure an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. All classes run month to month year round so there is no registration waiting or classes “making”. This is also ensures each student is offered a class plan suited to his/her needs based on individual level and ability.

A weekly class is a great way to expand your understanding of art. Our classes include acrylic painting, print making, sketching, cartooning, water color, acrylic painting, graphite art, multi-media, sculpture, digital, sewing, and crafts. Classes are available for children, teens and adults, some classes are family and all ages friendly.

Our teaching method is very hands on. Instructors will offer as much instruction as the student needs or desires. From explaining exactly what to use or how to achieve the desired result, as well as demonstrations, and other examples of techniques etc. Instructors will walk around the room checking on students periodically or seated at their table to oversee progress. As well as encouraging students to speak up when they have a need. We push all students to achieve their personal best results. But always maintain an atmosphere of ease, where working at your own pass and enjoying your art is also of equal importance.

All of instructors work in the local art community, award recognized artists, or have a degree in an art related field.

For more information, including pricing, call the Gallery at (704) 240-9060.

Class Information by Age

A brief sample of what to expect at of the class for your child’s specific age group.

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Registration is now open for our Homeschool Art Class Winter 2020 session.