Stacey Pilkington-Smith


Artist Statement:
I am constantly intrigued by the creation of life, unspoken language that is evoked by all living things, the fragility of humans and all the emotions that create the human experience. I believe that in life, there is balance: good and evil, yin and yang, imagination and reality – these are all concepts that to me go hand-in- hand with each other.

I create fun, whimsical, vibrantly colored, detailed works of art that comfort me. I feel that every time I finished a painting, I’m inviting someone into my world. I draw inspiration from childhood fairy tales, mythology, nature, and personal memories. I allow symbolism to inspire the worlds, objects, and every little detail I create in my art.

Mixed media paintings combine my interest in the graphic qualities of two-dimensional art, drawing, gestural painting and the expression of line and form. Working in mixed media helps me create images with colors that leap off the canvas and textures that excite the visual and tactile senses.

I believe art should be enjoyed by the masses. I create artwork that is not only relatable and enjoyable to the average consumer, but also affordable and can be purchased and enjoyed by everyone.

Sample of Stacey’s Work: