“I want my paintings to empower you…

For my entire life, the art I’ve been the most connected to and inspired by has been any kind that affects me emotionally. From the comic books that grabbed me at a young age to the Abstract Expressionists that showed me the power of my own mind while I was in art school, art has helped me push through life and connect to the world. And now, I want to share that sensation with others. My more personal paintings tend to deal with emotion, mental health, and near-visceral perceptions. These paintings tend to combine the style of graphic novels with the concepts of expressionism. Whether you’re connected to the subject matter or captivated by the colors and textures, I strive to help you connect to your own self through my paintings. It’s for the purpose I try to keep them as affordable as possible. Nothing makes me more fulfilled than seeing someone realize they aren’t alone in an experience, an emotion, or a mental state. I hope as you browse through my artwork you get a chance to connect to even one piece. Thanks for reading—happy clicking!

*I work mostly in acrylic and oil paints and have both original works and prints available for purchase. I also do commissioned paintings of many types (portraits, landscapes, pets, and all kinds of other subjects). Please visit my Shop tab or my Contact page to order your own!

Samples of Hannah’s Work: