Cathy Caron

Cathy Caron was born and raised in a small city in upstate Northern New York, 28 miles from the Canadian border.  As a child, she would put together material of all colors and dance around with a light heart.  She always desired that someone would take notice and encourage her ability to use colors.  As she developed she was able to satisfy her need to be creative with paint using a product called “Artex,” producing colorful designs on wall hangings, tableclothes and fabric purses.  As her children grew, she would be creative by utilizing “Papier Mache” in designing their Halloween costumes and also color and design in making special birthday cakes for them.  Upon taking a University class in design, she painted a large wall mural on the 3rd floor of the Myers Fine Art Bldg. at Plattsburgh State University of NY, where it remained visible for over 10 years.   Throughout her time in NY she took several watercolor workshops with various local watercolorist:  Roger Taft, Claire Hoag-Reid and Ann Pembers.

For many years, while bringing up her children, serious art making was put on the back burner.  It wasn’t until she retired and moved to North Carolina that she became focused on her art.  After attaining a studio and working in it for about a year she decided to go back to college part time and obtain an Associates in Fine Arts degree.   During the five years it took her at Gaston College, she was able to build up a diverse body of work in each area of medium.  While many artists focus on the theme running through their artwork, Cathy does not limit her creativity.  She focuses on the medium, in which, she is working and draws from her inner self to achieve self-expression.

Sample of Cathy’s Work: