Stay Wild Moon Child: The Fanciful World of Jenna Webb Coloring Cards

by Liz McKay – Gallery Manager

As a child, for me, there was no greater gift than a coloring book and a big box of crayons.  These simple tools offered the promise of hours lost in a world of pattern, line, color and imagination.  It’s no wonder that adult coloring books are such a hit.  I’ve often wondered what took so long for them to appear.

Jenna Webb’s coloring cards are a joy to receive.  They feature fanciful images, beautifully executed in black line on simple white cards that beg their receiver to enhance them with color.  Her charming illustrations include combinations stars, moons, mushrooms, little goats and other endearing designs.

Gallery 27 has a large selection of Jenna Webb coloring cards.  Come by and buy one to send to someone special.  Better still, buy two and keep one for yourself.