Small Scale Classics: Artist spotlight on Clinton Corbett

by Liz McKay, Gallery Manager

Editor’s Note: Twice-a-week, leading up to our “111: Small Works Show”, gallery manager Liz McKay will introduce to you one artist being featured in this unique show. If you like this article, come out to opening night of “111: The Small Works Show” on April 21st at Gallery 27.

Drawing is not only a basic art skill; it’s rather like a muscle that must be exercised regularly in order to maintain its strength. As an artist, I’ve always felt that drawing was my weakest muscle. So I am drawn to works that display meticulously precise, hand drawn line.

Clinton Corbett is a world traveler who spent her formative artistic years studying in Europe. These early, European influences are evident in her work. She seamlessly melds classical drawing with printmaking and mixed media to create wonderfully narrative pieces that intrigue the viewer. Clinton describes her work as follows:

“What interests me is the figure in an imagined or narrative context. Recently, I have been working on building constructions that use drawn and printed components. Drawn components are in charcoal, colored pencil, conté crayon, graphite, and pastel. Printed components use transferred images and various printing techniques, sometimes on handmade paper. My work is about exploration. I am interested in continually discovering, observing, and notating ways of seeing the world around us.” ~Clinton Corbett