Let Your Light Shine: Lorie Tremaine of DGT Candle Co.

by Liz McKay – Gallery Manager

I have a confession to make… I LOVE CANDLES.  Not just any old candles mind you, for as a self-proclaimed candle connoisseur, I am very particular about my candle purchases:  bees wax or soy only, scented with essential oils, cotton wick, etc…  So imagine my delight upon learning that Gallery 27 was carrying candles by DGT Candle Company of Gastonia!

Lorie Tremaine’s commitment to quality is well known.  What began for her as a hobby has turned into a wonderful company that creates top notch candles.  They smell wonderful, have a long clean burn, and are a great bargain at $10 each.  And, to make DGT candles even more appealing, Lorie donates 10% of DGT proceeds to her local dog outreach program; helping to provide support for dogs and owners in need.  (Did I mention I’m a rescue mom to two wonderful dogs?)

Lorie Tremaine and DGT Candle Company truly shine and we are so glad they are a part of the Gallery 27 family of artisans.