1910 and Now

1910 and Now

featuring the artwork of Kathryn Regel

Opening Reception:
August 3rd, 2019 5pm-7pm


“They Dreamed of Italy” by Kathryn Regel

In The Artist’s Words:

This is what happens when an artist, who charted her family tree for ten years, comes into possession of her grandfather’s photo album from the early 1900’s.

The vintage candid photos are layered with line drawings, city maps and other images representative of the times and merged with new photos from the artist’s life and travels. Printing the photos on tracing paper allows the layers to peek through, and acrylics paint the pictures together to merge the old and the new.

Some of the works reflect a narrative that was passed down through generations, while others are purely whimsical what-ifs. The result is a compelling combination of art and ancestry.

About The Artist:

Kathryn Regel

Kathryn Regel is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Hickory, North Carolina. A native of Wisconsin, her colorful mixed media collages pay homage to her ancestors and reflect the artist’s life and love of travel.

Candid vintage photographs are brought to life with contrasting and harmonious landscapes, colors and bold compositions. As the artist explains, “I am a story teller and I welcome you to join me on this visual journey.”

Kathryn earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Performance from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her artwork has been shown in exhibitions across the U.S., most recently at ArtFields in Lake City, SC. She is the recipient of various awards for her photography, mixed media, and acrylic work.