A Woman’s Touch: Artist spotlight on Caroline Rust-Ward

by Liz McKay, Gallery Manager

Editor’s Note: Twice-a-week, leading up to our “111: Small Works Show”, gallery manager Liz McKay will introduce to you one artist being featured in this unique show. If you like this article, come out to opening night of “111: The Small Works Show” on April 21st at Gallery 27.

The writer Edith Wharton once said, “…I have sometimes thought that a woman’s nature is like a great house full of rooms: there is the hall, through which everyone passes in going in and out; the drawing-room, where one receives formal visits; the sitting-room, where the members of the family come and go as they list; but beyond that, far beyond, are other rooms, the handles of whose doors perhaps are never turned; no one knows the way to them, no one knows whither they lead; and in the innermost room, the holy of holies, the soul sits alone and waits for a footstep that never comes.” It is this description of the feminine experience that I recall when I look at the art of Caroline Rust-Ward.

Caroline creates paintings and installations charged with expressionistic color and multiple layered surfaces. Her work exposes a woman’s moments of extreme vulnerability; moments that dare her sense of empowerment, and others that contemplate the practices to which she clings or repels.  Caroline describes her work as:

“My work is a visual depiction of ponderings and observations regarding the complexities of being a woman. Underlying themes blend those which expose a woman’s moments of extreme vulnerability, dare her sense of empowerment, and contemplate the practices to which she clings or repels as she approaches her dressing table. Based upon an exploration of femininity, the emphasis of my work is a multifaceted examination of the feminine world, the woman’s pursuit for identity, and her journey through life searching for a deeper understanding of herself. My pieces merge fashion, identity, and adornment.” ~Caroline Rust-Ward