Sarah Soden

My name is Sarah, and I have been making handmade soap for years. As more and more of my friends and family discovered the unique experience of using handmade bath products, they encouraged me to sell my products to others so they could enjoy that same experience.

I discovered the benefits of using handmade soaps out of a need for products that would be better for skin. I tend to get breakouts, and several family members are very sensitive to detergents and fragrances. I also have family members with older skin that were looking for products that would moisturize and nourish instead of drying them out.

By using natural ingredients and essential oils, I have been able to develop recipes that are great for many different skin types. I have been able to make everyone in my family happy and improve the condition of their skin. You really don’t know what handmade soaps can do for your skin until you try them. Once you do, you will never want another bar from the grocery store again!

I use natural essential oils and cosmetic grade fragrances, raw goat’s milk, local raw honey, and the best oils such as olive, palm, and coconut in order to ensure the quality of my products. I limit the amount of man-made fragrances, colorants, additives, and preservatives because those are often the things that irritate skin the most.

All products handmade in the USA.

Sample of Sarah’s Work: